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TIENDA Box- Organic Teff Flour (19 kg)

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TIENDA Box- Organic Teff Flour (19 kg)

Special 21% discount! Get 38 bags for the price of 30!
Discount price: 0,86€/100g
(VAT charges included)
Interested in retail selling our products? Try it out with this box, especially-designed for you!
This box contains 38 packages of organic whole grain teff flour (500g each), and is a perfect starting point for distributors and shop-owners!
*Coming soon: Register as a customer on our website to get higher discounts on bulk orders!
Nutritious and gluten-free flour for any kind of recipe!
This tasty, nutty-flavoured flour can be used for pastries, quiche tarts, biscuits, cakes and much more. Highly recommended for celiacs or those with gluten intolerance, and can also replace other common flours to reduce gluten presence.

Teff is a cereal that dates back to the Horn of Africa over 5.000 years ago, revered for its easy adaptation to cropland and its renowned nutritional value. The content of this package has been created by dedicated local farmers in Spain committed to the protection of our environment and the health of consumers.

Product description:
Organic Whole Grain Teff Flour
(19 kg)
100% organically-grown teff
Does not contain preservants or colorants
Store in a cool, dry place
Product made in Spain
Dietary and allergen information: Gluten-free
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